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The remaining sister Edgiva was married to a "king near the Jupiter mountains" (the Alps), probably to Louis, brother of King Rudolph II of Burgundy.

A surviving report of the ceremony by the medieval cronicler Widukind of Corvey makes no mention of his wife having been crowned at this point, but according to Bishop Thietmar of Merseburg's chronicle, Eadgyth was nevertheless anointed as queen, albeit in a separate ceremony.

As queen consort, Edith undertook the usual state duties of a "First Lady": when she turns up in the records it is generally in connection with gifts to the state's favoured monasteries or memorials to holy women and saints.

Nothing is known of Edith until at the request of the East Frankish king Henry the Fowler, who wished to stake a claim to equality and to seal the alliance between the two Saxon kingdoms, her half-brother King Æthelstan sent his sisters Edith and Edgiva to Germany.

Henry's eldest son and heir to the throne Otto was instructed to choose whichever one pleased him best.

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