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Alfred Nobel was one of the giants of the 19th century, and what a period of giants it was.

The invention of useable electricity, steel, and petroleum products during the 19th century lead to a second industrial revolution (1865–1900), that led to railways and steam ships, faster and wider means of communication, and inventions with names we all know today.

Just show up and get ready to interact more with Swedes than you have through the entire winter.

In many places, especially university towns, Valborg celebrations are known to start off in the afternoon or even morning with picnics in the park or country side, generally with champagne and beer in abundance. But it is as the sun goes down that Swedes really get into the spirit of the day and gather at one of the various designated bonfire sites to sing folk songs, dance, drink and watch fireworks.

For several years I drove by the palatial villa on Corso Cavallotti 116, admiring it for its beauty without knowing what it was.

Then twelve years ago I read Kenne Fant´s book Alfred Nobel A Biography and I found out that the villa, which is placed in a privileged position close to the sea and submerged in a luxuriant park, used to be the residence of Alfred Nobel.

Alfred Nobel’s discoveries are characteristic; powerful explosives can help men perform admirable tasks.

causes communities throughout Sweden to unite in spirit and gather around massive bonfires, singing songs to welcome spring to these northern shores.

It’s a celebration for people of all ages and the best part is – it’s free.

The 19th century was also the age of machine tools, tools that made tools, machines that made parts for other machines, including interchangeable parts.

The assembly line was invented, speeding up the factory production of consumer goods and the century gave birth to the professional scientist.

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They are also a means to terrible destruction in the hands of the great criminals who lead peoples to war.

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