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This means, for example, that you can move your certificates (and the corresponding private keys) from one computer to another on floppy disks.Your private key and passphrase are encoded in the Extensions usually don’t matter that much. The file formats are nearly all missing a format signature to make identification easy.Personal certificates are often free, especially ones with a short expiry date. For server certificates, or Developer Object/Applet signing certificates, you want to choose a certificate authority already built into the standard browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, e.g. A serious Java shop will need to separately purchase three different certificates: The information is not in human-readable form. You may be required to provide additional information such as Business License, Certificate of Business Registration and Articles of Incorporation which are kept on file at the signing authority, but which are not included in the certificate as vouched for information.None of this information has any effect on how and where you can use your certificate.Some certificates may have a lifetime of only minutes.The signing authority is guaranteeing the information is true.

You need passphrases for your browser and for each certificate. You will never be able to use the certificate again.The signature consists of a digest of the material signed, an encryption of the digest using the signer’s private key, the signer’s name and public key and the signing authority’s name.You could not trust a signing authority’s public key embedded in the signature. Certificates are primarily concerned with digital signatures, though they can be used for encryption.Your browser generates your random private key when you purchase your certificate and sends only the public key to the certificate authority.The process of purchasing a certificate may require installing the certificate authority’s public key in your browser, three visits to the certificate authority’s website and some email.

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