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Person with sufficient knowledge of the specific tasks to be undertaken and the risks which the work will entail, and with sufficient experience and ability to enable them to carry out their duties in relation to the project, to recognize their limitations, and to take appropriate action in order to prevent harm to those carrying out construction work, or those affected by the work. There are various standard forms of contract, such as those provided by the Joint Contracts Tribunal and the various engineering institutions.(Construction Design and Managment Regulations 2007)An artifical stone-like substance obtained by mixing large and small stones and sand with cement and enough water to permit full hydration and make the mix workable. Many forms of building contract specify a Contract Administrator to manage the contract on behalf of the Client.Concrete (like the stone minerals from which it is made) is strong in compression but weak in tension. It may be the architect, the engineer, or a specialist such as a project manager.Roman concrete was based, not on Portland cement, but on a 'pozzolanic' mix, made from volcanic ash and incorporating ground-up bricks and tiles. The CA's main duty is to specify how much the contractor is due to be paid at each stage.

According to Roman writer Vitruvius, a young lady of the nobility in Corinth died, and her nurse placed a basket containing her belongings on top of the grave, with a roof tile on top to protect it.Originally, a system by which fresh air is drawn from outside the building and brought to an acceptable condition in terms of temperature and humidity before being introduced into the building.The name is often also applied to chillers with no air handling, drying or heating capacity.A horizontal member that carries vertical loads along its length. The Ordnance Survey has set up bench marks around the UK.It would traditionally have been timber (the word originally meaning "tree trunk") but a modern beam might more often be reinforced concrete or steel. Contractors often establish 'temporary bench marks' (' TBM') at convenient points around the site.

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