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They have been held in jail on 0,000 bail ever since.

They are looking to see if the brothers may be connected to the case of 10-year-old Lindsey Baum, who disappeared from her home, a half-hour drive from the Sheldon property, in 2009 - or other missing person cases.'It's very clear that these three individuals have an obsession with young female children,' Capt.Mike Edwards of federal Internet Crimes Against Children task force told reporters.'They've had this obsession for most if not all of their lives and in some cases acted out on that obsession against family members.'Edwards told Daily the search at the Shelton home could go on for weeks.'We have something like 14 acres to cover and it's not like it's all flat.It is hilly and wooded and difficult going,' he said.He stared blankly ahead throughout the three-minute hearing, appearing not to understand what was going on. His public defender, Joshua Poisel, said he may ask for Thomas to be released.A few minutes later Thomas shuffled in wearing heavy glasses, a short sleeved red jumpsuit, orange socks and sandals. Judge O'Donnell said that if that happens he will have to agree to have no contact with any children.

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