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I am a little responsible for Lyn-Z, but she can take care of herself.

We've been traveling so much that everything had to be over the phone.

But racing and going for the win and not being afraid to crash, that's not one of them.

Travis: At first, I was thinking, "It would be tough if it was a boy.

That would be the meanest thing possible to do to your child.

There's a theory in motorsports that having children slows drivers down.

I think all the boys in Maryland are thinking, "Great.

He deals with them all the time in autograph lines and sees kids get annoyed when no one spells their name right.

Lyn-Z: I made my mom a little onesie that said, "Gramma's bundle of joy." Our friend Cam Mc Caul, who's a mountain biker on the Nitro tour, and his wife, Bonnie, made the cutest announcement when she got pregnant, so then I had to start thinking of ideas for ours.

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Lyn-Z: I hope it will change Travis in that he will think about the stunts he does.

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