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The two helmets are also equipped with onboard video cameras, FM radios, and an intercom system that allows hands-free communication with other riders.

Buy one now from: Amazon Sena The Life Beam Smart Helmet is another option that has gone out of production but can still be found on Amazon.

But in this day and age, even the simple helmet is getting a high-tech makeover, with all kinds of “smart” elements being added.

Once the stuff of science fiction, smart helmets are now a very real product, bringing built-in microphones, speakers, rear-facing cameras, and other features with them.

Helmets may still be the bane of many a haircut but they remain a crucial part of any rider’s wardrobe.

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After an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign, the first Livall Bling helmet began shipping to backers near the end of 2015.

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