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So my ego had this light just drowning it from all directions.

Negativity is burnt in the nuclear fires in the center of the earth.So now this meditation is definitely the most powerful one I have got. I do an in breath/out breath orbit and then hold for a moment at the earth-core. I've had another experience today, which is light surrounding a part of my selfish ego, and my ego submitted. It is no longer possible to tolerate some of my selfish behaviours.THE MOST ADVANCED MEDITATION COURSE, MEDITATION TECHNIQUES AND MEDITATION PRACTICES ON THIS PLANET, INCLUDING THE KUNDALINI KEY, THE KUNDALINI KRIYAS, ALCHEMICAL VITRIOL AND KUNDALINI YOGA IN 28 INITIATIONS!!So I had a new layer of energy body or something like this. I honestly dont believe I will go back to being how I used to, because too much of my consciousness or awareness feels grounded into light, so if I can keep seeing from the lights viewpoint, I can quickly pick out faults which I might otherwise do. I threw out some supplements and felt like that type of thing has now become redundant.Today I noticed that small ego blockages were in my aura.

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I have experience of many forms of meditation and practices for self improvement including: Transcendental meditation (TM) 12 years, Kriya Yoga 9 years, Sushila Buddhi Dharma (SUBUD) 7 years, and more recently the Sedona Method and the Course in Miracles.

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