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If you have gotten past that, can you try toggling the ' Post as Page' option in the channel to No? But here are the issues on the Facebook Channel page: "The selected user has not granted the "manage_pages" permission. Please make sure your channel is published and review settings for any possible errors.Please have them login on the front-end of the site and accept the correct permission." And I am not getting the validation popup. There may be no current posts available from the social network.Could you take a screenshot of your channel setup in the JFBConnect backend Channel edit area?Are there any posts in the Stream Test area of the channel?Did you ever manage to get the permission prompt for your channel owner?If that hasn't been resolved, we need to back up and address that issue still.

I'll keep an eye on it, and will check in 58 days whether the button appears to get a new token. In the module's configuration section, I got: Long Term access token Expires in : -16898 Minutes Uninstalling the module and reinstalling again fixed the problem.Go to admin/config/services/facebook_wall and just click on Get long term Access Token. I even tried to manipulate the variable setting, to make it look even more expired, but that didn't change anything.Module configuration completes and now everything will work properly. I didn't try to reset all entries in the variable table.I got a new token by uninstalling and re-installing the facebook_wall module, so all is good for now. The access token is for my private facebook account, but the wall that's pulled is a public fan page.Hi ursula, You had missed out one last step of configuration.

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