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One day, he said he was trying to buy an antique vase from a lady but couldn’t speak the language so he couldn’t do the sale.

I thought with my level of waryness towards the male species, identifying a scammer would be no problem for me. For some women, this could have resulted in them losing their life savings.He had a sexy voice and a strong Australian accent, and he explained that that is because he grew up in Australia.Since he sounded nothing like an African, I didn’t suspect anything.I am well educated, working a well paid job and regularly read about all the tricks they use…usually posing as white men, sometimes men in the military as those uniforms always impress the ladies.They’d try to win you over by revealing their love for you early…and if you were desperate, you would fall for it.

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I, single-woman in her 30’s, had been doing online dating for many years, and met a lot of those men in person, locals as well as foreigners, without any trouble.

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