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Thrift When the house is clean and tidy, the kids fed and neat when you can always find at home a clean ironed shirt, every man can remain indifferent and does appreciate such care about him.By the way, a mother in law, usually, also loves this quality in her daughter –in-law.A woman with such a quality will always be interesting for a man; she inspires him to perform feats and good deeds. Practicality The ability to earn money for a good housekeeper is not necessarily quality. But to be able to spend money wisely, prudently run the economy - this quality is certainly not only benefiting the family budget but will be appreciated by her husband a lot.Steadiness Docile and gentle nature, judgment and tact... Well, men do not like someone who constantly claims and complains against them.

Besides, tasty cooked and beautifully served meals are a reminder for a man about a caring attitude to him, and in addition, allow you to save the family budget, which is also important.With a smart woman, there is always something to talk about, you can discuss various topics.In the end, with a wife, you can be present at different meetings without worrying about that your baby will disgrace you and herself saying something stupid.But sometimes not every men like when other men pay a lot of attention to his girlfriend.That is why a woman must learn how to be sexy ONLY for one person - her husband.

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