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The show is based on the book "Last Girlfriend on Earth" by Simon Rich.The show stars follows the dating life of 20-something Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel), focusing on his dates, flings, and girlfriends.We learned a lot about the realities of a four-and-a-half day shoot.

But it also helps us understand Josh a little bit more, and I think it helps Josh to understand himself a little bit more.But luckily I had a lot of help from our brilliant directors [Jonathan] Krisel and Ben Berman and Tim Kirkby, so luckily I wasn’t going into these a lot of those sets alone.I know you don’t want to give specifics about what you’re actually going to do, but whenever you’re starting a new season there are two potential directions.It’s my hope that it provides a nice break from Josh’s slog through life. And it was so exciting for everybody to shift gears for a week and make a completely different show.The character of Josh has a number of major flaws, but his biggest flaw is how self-absorbed he is. And every single minor problem for him is an enormous calamity. It was nice to give him a chance to sleep for a night or two. I don’t want to make you speak for Sofia, the writer, but I know that when we spoke in January you said a lot of this came from personal experience. I think that all the episodes are really personal for all of us. We try to draw on our personal lives when shaping the stories and premises.

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