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We're going to show you how to begin with one of the tails of the bow.

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You may want to use a ribbon made of thinner material for your first try.

Satin ribbon is excellent to learn with, it's inexpensive and very easy to hold. This is ribbon that has a thin line of wire on either side of the ribbon.

Now you can add this bow to your Christmas tree, and gift packages using the tying wire.

SEE FIGURE #8 Figure #8 For more free hints, tips, tricks and other information on creating floral art at home, please visit our site at Please be sure to sign up for our mailing list and during November, we'll send you several more wonderful, easy projects that you can complete at home, directly to your email address. Richard Bedsole is the Chief Instructor at The American Floral Arts, AIFA, Inc.

Once you have mastered the technique you will have fun creating your own unique bows out of various materials and in different sizes.

If you like this, you may also enjoy: How To Make Bows Easy Holiday Gift Tags Homemade Gift Card Holders Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate Rule #1: Don't get frustrated. We'll show you another way to tie a bow for your tree top, gift packages, banisters, mantles and floral arrangements.

We know how frustrating it can be for someone who’s looking for a free dating site.If you're not too sure, simply roll off a lot of your material and leave it attached to the bolt.Make sure to roll off more than you plan to use so that the ribbon doesn't twist too badly%u FFFDyou can always re-roll anything you don't use.All you have to do to create the center loop is simply make another loop only ? Take a wire and run it through the center loop that you've created.the size of the loops previously tied, roll it around your thumb at the center (original twist point) and wrap the ribbon around behind the original twist point so that it winds up on the backside of your gathered ribbon. And with the original tail on one side of the original twist and the finishing end of the ribbon (that may still be attached to the bolt) on the other side of your hand, tie and twist your wire tightly up into the fabric ribbon on the backside of the bow.

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