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When you enter the Rio you simply head to the elevators and press the button for the fifth floor.Rio Spa is without a doubt one of the nicest saunas in the Special Administrative Region of Macau.While each lady has their own way of doing things I will say that I’ve nearly always got the old tongue lashing up the backside at Rio, even though it usually doesn’t last that long.When it comes to the oral action, both the hot and cold (sucking with a mouth full of warm tea followed by sucking with a mouth full of ice water) and minty (sucking with a mouth full of mouthwash) varieties commonly make appearances.This may sound like a small complaint but when I’m shelling out hundreds of dollars I expect a certain level of treatment. Rio does have a pretty extensive paid food menu that’s larger than any other I’ve seen. There can be a hundred or more women on call at any given time and all it takes to see them is to ask for it.I’ve ordered from it a few times but I didn’t get anything that much better than what’s given at no cost. The management usually tries to find at least one other customer to make it more worth their while but they’ll go on if it’s only you. I prefer when they’re done right in front of your lounge chair as they are at places like Famile Nobre and Golden Sauna but I understand why it’s done this way at Rio with so many women working here.It’s not necessarily any different or even any better than other sauna lounges, it’s just gigantic. What’s great is that they face televisions and walls rather than other chairs as is common in Macau saunas.Despite the layout and size of the place it can get quite crowded, which I find off putting.

The lounge room on the other hand is a little special.Rio Spa is perhaps the most well known of all the Macau saunas.I don’t know if that’s because the Rio Hotel is so visible, because the facilities are so large and lavish or because the sauna has such a large and diverse staff.Since they would have to pay a sauna fee in that case (which is waved when you take a full service girl) I don’t see what the big deal is, though I can understand why they would want to get the maximum revenue out of each customer.I don’t really have any complaints about any of the services except that on exceptionally busy nights (like the Tuesday I mentioned) it can take a few minutes to find an attendant to provide the service you’re after. A round of pecker priming is 237 Hong Kong Dollars ( US), and the other services are 193 HKD ( US). Since it’s free I don’t really have anything to say about it.

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