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Several SQL Server vulnerability checks have also been renamed.

For more information on the sendmail header processing buffer overflow, please refer to

The overflow condition occurs when an overly long value is given to the contenttype=parameter.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SQLXML Script Injection Vulnerability SQLXML components are prone to script injection attacks via an unchecked parameter in XML tags.

Additionally, a shortcut (ESM Registration Tool) will be installed into the Net Recon directory in the start menu.

The new ESM Registration Tool launches esmregister.exe, allowing the user to register Net Recon with ESM at anytime.

Discover network resources running Norton Anti Virus Corporate Edition This objective only reports messages for machines where NAVCE is found on the machine and displays the message, "NAVCE Service Identified." ESM Integration The ESM integration has been updated so Net Recon 3.5 now recognizes and integrates with ESM 5.5's new directory structure (C:\Program Files\Symantec\...).

Microsoft Windows Locator Service Buffer Overflow Vulnerability The Locator service for Windows domain controller systems is prone to a buffer overflow condition. Microsoft SQL Server SQLXML Buffer Overflow Vulnerability Attackers can initiate SQL Server 2000 buffer overflows by connecting to a host through HTTP, then submitting malformed data directly to the SQLXML HTTP component.When Symantec Security Response receives spam from email probes, operators immediately create appropriate spam filtering rules, which are downloaded to Symantec Brightmail customer machines.Similarly, Symantec Security Response sends realtime virus rules.The Symantec Brightmail database is updated and the Symantec Brightmail server runs this database filter against the email for the specified users or domains.Figure 1 depicts the Symantec Brightmail architecture.

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We are now able to report that the following Antivirus and Security vendors and related products provide protections and information regarding this vulnerability: Bitdefender Bit Defender has provided info that their customers using the following products are protected from attacks against this exploit: • Bit Defender Antivirus 2009: Defender-Antivirus-2009• Bit Defender Internet Security 2009: Defender-Internet-Security-2009• Bit Defender Total Security 2009: Defender-Total-Security-2009Checkpoint: Check Point customers using Check Point Security Gateway products are protected from attacks exploiting this vulnerability, provided that the appropriate protection is activated.

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