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Johan van Dorth administered the colony before his assassination, freeing its slaves.The city was recaptured by a Luso-Spanish fleet under Fadrique Álvarez de Toledo y Mendoza on .

The African ancestry of the city is from Angola, Benin, Congo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal and Mozambique.By that time, Portugal had become united with Spain and was ruled from Madrid by its kings.In 1621, King Philip III replaced the Governorate of Brazil with the states of Brazil, still based in Salvador and now controlling the south, and the Maranhão, which was centered on São Luís and controlled what is now northern Brazil.The census revealed the following self-identification: 1,382,543 persons identify as Pardo (Multiracial) (51.7%); 743,718 as Black (27.8%); 505,645 as White (18.9%); 35,785 as Asian (1.3%); and 7,563 as Amerindian(0.3%).Salvador's population is the result of 500 years of miscegenation.

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